Disney goes online


We're not into the insanely syrupy (cavity-creating, brain-numbing) sweetness that is the modern Disney, but in case you need your daily dose they have released a free online game you can play with people around the world.

For those of you who might be curious about such things, this is the same type of game as those Dungeons-n-Dragons games only with a slightly different story line, and less ogres, so its still as evil, naughty and utterly demon-worshipping as the rest of them.


Free "zip" program


If you're sick of the nagging popups from using Winzip or something similar you might like to try FilZip. Its completely free and has some nice features. Because I'm (once again) in charge of workstation management at work I'm going to have us standardize on this instead of WinZip. Give it a try.

Simple & free image editor


More software for this evening. This time it's a free image/photo editor. It doesn't do everything under the sun, that's what Photoshop is for, but for people who want to do touch-ups and other simple things this one could be great.


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