ICANN shows they are http://stu.pid/

Web developers are well used to doing certain data validations to ensure people are entering correct information into their websites. A perfect example of this is the common email address, which must follow a format of being in the format (something)@some.domain.(com) where the (com) part, the so-called Top-Level Domain (TLD) has to be one of a finite series of words - either "com", "org", "net", a limited number of others, plus the defined two-letter country codes.


rubygems 1.2.0 causing problems for anyone else? (SOLVED!)

After updating to rubygems 1.2.0 I've noticed that my mongrels started returning the following colorful error on every XHR load, i.e. all AJAX requests fail but regular page loads are fine:

Mon Jun 23 23:39:15 -0400 2008: HTTP parse error, malformed request ( #<Mongrel::HttpParserError: Invalid HTTP format, parsing fails.>

Given that rubygems was the last thing I updated, I figured I'd try reverting to the previous 1.1.1 release using the following steps:


New Slayers season on the way!

There's a new season coming soon of Slayers, my favorite anime created by Hajime Kanzaka. Slayers has thus far spanned three awesome seasons and has several side stories compiled as standalone episodes. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in anime or looking to try something different. As to when it'll be available in outside of Japan (or as fansubs)?



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