Three positive things, day eight


Three quick things tonight.

First off - yes, kittens. Today we left the basement door open, instead of keeping it closed. Our upstairs cat, Bolt, appreciated this as it meant he could go have some food or use the litter whenever he wanted, instead of waiting for us to open the door to the stairs. The two kittens explored a little bit, but were a little apprehensive of the huge open space so still stayed up stairs, where they spent almost the entire day bouncing around, jumping onto counters, and climbing the curtains. Because kittens.

Secondly - dinner. My awesome wife found a recipe last year that's a recreation of a lettuce wrap dish from a popular Asian-American restaurant. After she tried it one she realized it needed some improvements, so she added a few more ingredients to the second batch, and it has become or family's favorite meal ever since. And it's rather amazing with some Sriracha sauce.

Finally, while I was getting Kian ready for bed and I was carrying him around the bedroom, he pointed at the ceiling and looked up. I touched the ceiling and asked him if he wanted to touch it. He said he did. So I carefully lifted him up, allowing him to touch the ceiling, and he gave this wide-eyed look of awe. He then kept asking to touch the ceiling until we put him to bed - it became his new favorite thing. This honestly isn't too surprising, given he likes being upside-down so much.

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