The perfect protocol for scientific studies

I present to you a foolproof protocol for testing any medical treatment that is 100% guaranteed to give the outcome you want, so long as that outcome is tanking the treatment. This protocol won’t work so well if you want to show it’s effective, but if that doesn’t matter to you and you just want to destroy it, then this will work perfectly!

The protocol needs just two things, everything else is just paperwork.


What lies will you tell, what will you destroy, how many will you allow to die to stop one person?

I do appreciate that Trump is / can be a complete asshole, has made plenty of mistakes and done things that many disagree with. I don't discount this fact.

One of the most eye-opening aspects of the world from 2020 onwards was seeing how far people would go to avoid ever be seen possibly agreeing with, or even contemplating saying or believing something that even closely resembled something US President Donald Trump said. If Trump said it was a beautiful dry day outside, the left-leaners of the world immediately donned rain coats and carried umbrellas.


The second most famous drug that could have saved millions from Covid

Not as famous as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine (aka "HCQ") was an "also ran" in the list of existing, well-known and reliable medications that could have been used during the COVID-19 pandemic. It reached this accolade due to US President Donald Trump's reference in one of his pandemic briefings, which meant that the entire world had to immediately ban it lest they be seen to agree with something The Orange One uttered.

Why do I say this?



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