Three positive things, day fifty nine (catching up)


(posting a few days late)

Hello Friday!

The first positive thing was Aidan's first day at his first job. Yes, you read that right. The day before their mom took them to an orchard a few miles out the road. They got talking with the woman who runs the orchard when she jokingly mentioned that Aidan could come over to pick up all the apples off the ground before other people came to pick them, and he said "ok". So #awesomewife decided to use it as a learning exercise for him. Every weekday morning he has to show up at the orchard and pick up the fruit that has fallen since the previous evening, and he gets paid a few dollars for it. We're not making him cover the cost of the gas to 'n from the farm as it's only a few miles away, which is also part of why his mom agreed to it. We'll only do it for a week or two, because they were having enough difficulties juggling the week, but it's still working out to be a nice learning exercise for him.

The second positive thing was finishing a busy week at work.

The third positive thing was getting in some ukulele practice, and continuing to formulate a plan to teach the kids a tune.

Three positive things, day fifty one


That was a pretty good Thursday.

The first positive thing was finishing my work week pretty well - I was a little concerned I wouldn't get to certain tasks, but I did in the end, so it'll make for a more relaxed weekend.

The second positive thing was my #awesomewife explaining that her trip to the grocery shopping with the kids (after a trip to the park with some friends) was made that more entertaining by our kids doing the "I'm Batman" / "I'm Groot" parts from the "How It Should have Ended" take on "Guardians of the Galaxy". Then at dinner time they started into it - Liam saying "I'm Batman" and Kian parrying with "I'm Groot" - they was hilarious! :-D

The third positive thing was the shock, and hilarity, discovering that one of our kittens scaled a curtain and went for a walk along the curtain rail - not something you expect to see every day ;-)

Three positive things, day forty five


That was the end of a busy week.

The first positive thing was ended my work week on a high note, though you won't get to see the fruits of the labor for a little while.

The second positive thing was the whole family going for a post-dinner walk to a book store. We parked our car in one parking lot and walked along a trail half a mile to the book store, then back again. At the store we found Sandra Boynton's newest book, Spookie Pookie, which AFAIK is her first Halloween-themed book. And yes, it's another great one :)

The third positive thing was picking up Eddie Vedder's Ukulele Songs album, which will be a kind-of long-term goal for my personal journey learning the instrument.

Three positive things, day thirty six


Finally getting back to finishing writing on the day the fun happened. Doh!

The first positive thing today was my annual review at work. It went rather well, other than the fire alarm that caused an impromptu ten minute recess. ;-) More news soon. Or something.

The second positive thing was Kian finally starting to use a name for our 8yo rather than using the same word he uses for our 11yo. While he isn't quite able to say the word "Liam", saying "Yum" at least helps us understand who he's referring to. And it's funny hearing him say it :)

The third positive thing was jumping in for a quick round of Just Dance with the kids, in which I once again got a high score for Daft Punk's "Da Funk", besting my previous score. I'd resisted getting these games before, but we're having quite a lot of fun with them!

Three positive things, day twenty eight


Another busy Tuesday, made more interesting by the fact that I had some colorful sinus problems. And by "colorful" I meant "green-ish, brown-ish ugh".

The first positive thing was working with "live, via satellite" with people in two different countries via conference call / screensharing. It was quite an interesting time.

The second positive thing was .. ahem.. forgetting that I had not muted my line and .. blowing my nose..... sinus problems, remember? ;-) Anyway, both times were during lulls in the conversation, so everyone just laughed, wondered what the heck the crazy noise was, and blew it off. Also, puns.

The third positive thing was watching Ponyo with the family after dinner. Kian hadn't seen it before but he was absolutely fascinated by it, and sat & watched the whole thing - he kept cheering "there he is" when he'd see Ponyo or Sōsuke :) While I prefer "My Neighbor Totoro", Ponyo is definitely a wonderful movie.


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