Keyboard vs cat

I left a laptop on the kitchen table, left the room for a few minutes and returned to discover one of our cats had pulled off several keys from the keyboard. The little cretin!

That's not a spider over your head, it's a... kitten!

My #awesomewife was sitting in her chair while I was feeing Kian his nighttime snack, when she yelped and looked up. I looked over to her to see what the matter was, then followed her stare expecting to see a huge spider, only to find.. one of the kittens crawling along the curtain rail. I should mention that this is eight feet off the ground. And yes, I had to play firefighter and get the kitten down out of the tree, as he wasn't able to get down on his own. Hopefully climbing up there won't become a new plaything, because he won't be 5lbs all his life ;)


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