The Mandalorian


The (kinda) new Star Wars show The Mandalorian is all kinds of wonderful - great acting, great story telling, great incidental humor, great special effects, it's just what the Star Wars universe needed to revitalize itself after a more staid final trilogy in its Skywalker saga. IMHO it's worth subscribing to Disney+ just to watch this one show.

Eddie Glaude's raw, honest, true take on White America


I encourage every single person who can understand the spoken English language (or read English subtitles) to watch this 150 second clip of Eddie Glaude, to take it in, to accept the truth of it, to process it. The White people of this world, we (yes, me included) must let go the baggage of the lies we call our history.

(via Hari Kondabolu)

Asshole cat broke my laptop key aord


One of our cats is a bit of an asshole sometimes. This morning I awoke to find he had crawled under the partially closed lid of my laptop to snuggle up for some heat, and then proceeded to rip two keys off it. Not what I needed this morning.

Update 30 minutes later: got it back together again. *sigh*

Marvel 2019 prediction


(contains spoilers for Avengers Infinity War and )
So, I've been thinking about this year's Marvel movies - Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home..

Something I've noticed is that Kevin Feige specifically said that the two new movies would shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years to come.. not just Endgame.

None of the people they've shown in the Spider-Man trailers were people we know survived the snap, and in fact there were several we knew did not inc Nick Fury and Spider-Man himself.

What if Spider-Man is set in a parallel universe where life continued on as normal after Infinity War? They don't know this calamity happened, but Fury's fury-sense is tingling and he wants Spider-Man to help him work out what's going on. Where if at the end they all come back to the original universe only to discover that they were missing for [amount of time] and there's a huge outcry against the Avengers for letting it happen, leading to the original Avengers leaving for good, maybe with Captain Marvel.

I guess we'll find out in a few weeks when Endgame comes out.


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