Friday. I go to make lunch for myself.


Realize I can't use the oven to heat my food as there's a chili cooking in it at low temperature. Figure I could make myself an omelette. Frying pan needs to be washed. Turn to the sink - it's full of dishes. Ask our eldest if he can load the dishwasher (it's his chore and he should have done it earlier in the day), am informed that the dishwasher isn't cleaning properly, though nobody told me. Look for the dishwasher manual to check its maintenance instructions. The manual is more of a pamphlet and says (paraphrase) "if these instructions don't work check the full user instructions". Realize I didn't have the dishwasher listed in our home inventory, so I grab a pic of the model & serial numbers and add it to the program. Look online for manuals, can only find the installation manual (not helpful) or the same pamphlet. Go to the dishwasher manufacturer's site (, but searching for the model number doesn't turn up anything. Try to log into my account to check if there's more info available if you indicate you own it, it doesn't like the password I created on their site in 2018 as it was longer than 20 characters(!). I go through the password reset process, which does at least work. Get into the account. Unregister the appliance that we no longer own. Register a new appliance, but it doesn't carry over any of the info from my account (name, address, email, yadda), I have to type it all out again. Complete registering the appliance. Go to the "my appliances" page, it doesn't list the dishwasher I just added. Search online for how to clean the dishwasher, find some suggestions, put them in action, turn on the dishwasher to do its thing.

I then grabbed a bowl of cereal and went back to work. Blargh.

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