Tip for making all gluten-free baking recipes work better

Over the past few months my wife has been testing out some gluten-free recipes for baked goods - brownies, various breads, etc. Some of them have been boxed kits, others have been from scratch. Along the way one recipe recommended to let the prepared mix stand in their final baking dish for about 30 minutes prior to cooking, to give the ingredients time to rise. She did this for the one recipe that suggested it and it turned out to making a notable difference in how light and puffy the final result was.


Fixing Apache on CentOS/RHEL 5 for Drupal

While not strictly a requirement, in the interests of not having crazy URLs on your Drupal site it's recommended to set up your web server to support .htaccess files. This will let you have URLs like "/products/cool/stuff" instead of "?q=products/cool/stuff" - obviously much nicer, and better for both usability and search engine optimization.


Removing the acquia_subscription_status menu

For a Drupal site I was developing I originally tried out the Acquia distribution but ultimately dropped it in favor of the vanilla core release. In doing so I also removed the custom Acquia modules that provided integration with their network as I wasn't going to be using it either. All was good, except that the admin menus retained an unneeded menu item named "acquia_subscription_status" that just linked to - I had to vanquish it!


Disabling the Views_Bulk_Operations default view

The Views_Bulk_Operations module for Drupal is really pretty awesome, out of the box it solves one of the top 5 problems newcomers have with Drupal - the standard content admin page, /admin/content/node, does not include a field to search for content by the title, instead you have to do a search in the main search engine and then click the edit link, presuming you haven't hidden it or something.



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