Tip for making all gluten-free baking recipes work better


Over the past few months my wife has been testing out some gluten-free recipes for baked goods - brownies, various breads, etc. Some of them have been boxed kits, others have been from scratch. Along the way one recipe recommended to let the prepared mix stand in their final baking dish for about 30 minutes prior to cooking, to give the ingredients time to rise. She did this for the one recipe that suggested it and it turned out to making a notable difference in how light and puffy the final result was. Based on that she started doing it on all gluten-free bakings and it has made a substantial difference - everything's lighter, puffier, less grainy and, ultimately, better tasting.

So, if you're baking something that's gluten-free, let it sit for about 30 minutes before baking it and the results will be much puffier and tastier than they would have been otherwise.

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