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Fixing update_sql() to accept parameters

A pretty simple yet cool feature of Drupal's db_query() function is that you can pass in parameters that will make it automatically adjust the query to correctly escape the arguments. This is one of the simple security features in Drupal as it will properly escape the string to avoid SQL injection attacks, and just simply safe you hassle. Good stuff!


Managing Drupal Views, the proper way

One of the most powerful and most useful modules on Drupal is Views. With one screen you can build custom pages & blocks based around your content, select the exact fields you need, add filters and arguments, and relatively easily customize the display, and that's just scratching the surface. In fact, Views is so flexible that I've built sites which have 90% of their architecture based solely around taxonomies and Views.


The future of blogging with Drupal via XML-RPC?

One of the benefits of having a content management engine that supports XML-RPC-based content creation is that you can write your content in more usable tools and publish when finished. Drupal is one such system and is an amazingly powerful tool in its own right, but you still want to be able to write offline..


Posting to Drupal through XMPRPC / BlogAPI

When I migrated my blog from Wordpress to Drupal one key thing I still wanted to do was be able to use ecto to post messages from my laptop rather than through the web interface - it can be just easier at times. Thankfully Drupal has a plugin/module built in which does this for you, the BlogAPI module. So I activate the module then try to connect using ecto only to be greeted with the lovely message:

The response from the server did not contain valid data.



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