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After moving from an old Thinkpad laptop to a somewhat higher-powered desktop running Windows XP I've moved back from using cfeclipse to Dreamweaver MX 2004. Aside from some activation problems its running fairly well. Some of the reasons were stability (cfeclipse is a bit buggy), improved syntax highlighting (especially CSS), speed (eclipse is a bit of a dog) and the WIP Fusebox Explorer extension. If I get annoyed with it again I'll just move back to cfeclipse but I'll be happy enough for a while.

I Hate Macromedia


At work I'm started using a new desktop PC after having previously used a laptop for six months and a Mac for six months before that. While using the Mac I had my boss get Dreamweaver MX 2004 and when I moved to the laptop I used a different tool instead as I was annoyed with Dreamweaver.

Anyway, I installed Dreamweaver on my new PC on Tuesday. You have to activate Macromedia's software within 30 days of installing it so I tried to do it over the internet only to have it fail. I called their activation phone line, spent five minutes entering numbers and stuff only to be told the license had been activated too many times and I needed to speak with a support person. I waited on hold for several minutes and was then told they were too busy to speak with me so I had to leave a message. I did that and a day later got a call back. They wanted to know what the problem was, so I explained it. I was told that the Dreamweaver license only lets you run the software on one platform - Windows or Mac OS, but within that one platform you could reinstall it several times. To get the license "changed" I basically have to transfer the license to myself on the new platform. Due to the nature of the problem I had to be transferred to another person who specialized in these problems. Another few minutes of hold music later I explained everything again to this new person to be told again that yes, Dreamweaver could only be used on one platform and that yes, I would have to transfer the license to myself before I could use it on the PC. So I have to load the Mac back up, run Dreamweaver from there and run a menu option to tranfer it. Then call them back again. Oh, and by the way please have my credit card ready when I call back as there's a $25 transfer fee.

This sure makes me wonder why I bother trying to keep my software legal.

UPDATE: Problem solved. There's a menu in Dreamweaver to "transfer license", and after doing that I called Macromedia back. They were about to ask for the credit card number when I started complaining, and after enough complaints they waved the fee. Argh.


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