Three positive things, day sixty three

Back on a normal schedule again, today was the first work day of my week, and Tuesday.

The first positive thing was something that happened with #awewsomewife when she took Aidan to his apple-picking job. There were so many apples on the ground that she went from walking around with Kian to helping Aidan pick apples. She also asked Kian to help, and he'd walk around, see an apple and then say "apple - peekabo, I found you!" I wish I could have seen it, but it was quite the story :)


Met some new friends

Today I met some new friends. One of them, Carlos, is a Red Brahma / Red Holstein cross that's so large their measuring tape is to small and they need to get a new one, which meant he weighs at least 2,500lbs; his back was up to the top of my head, which is larger than any bovine I've ever met before. Crazy. Even when we met Carlos' brother, who's about 1,000lbs lighter, he couldn't stay away. Jealous Carlos is jealous.

Three positive things, day fifty three

We had a pretty good Saturday.

The first positive thing was Kian running over to me and saying "Daddy, I have a neen na-neen!" - I have a green dragon. While we haven't been pushing him to learn colors, it's neat that he's picking them up on his own.

The second positive thing was getting a really great picture from #awesomewife of all three kids together, with all three of them smiling and not pulling silly faces :) I've set it up as my laptop's desktop pic and will probably see about framing it, it's that good!



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