Three positive things, day fifty four


Today was another rather busy day.

The first positive thing was .. hitting the beach again! After #awesomewife woke up she and I discussed what to do for the day - I was eyeing getting busy on some chores and cleaning the house up a bit, but she wanted to get out and so we looked up some beaches in NH. She found one site that listed the top beaches in NH (there are a bunch, though obviously most of them at lakes) and, after skipping the majority as they were a two+ hour drive away, we settled on a public beach at Lake Sunapee, which was only about a 45 minute drive through the gorgeous hills of mid-West NH. We got there when there was only about a dozen cars in the parking lot, set out our blanket & over-sized beach umbrella, then we all hit the water for an hour.

The second positive thing was doing the parental summertime-at-a-beach thing after a small picnic lunch - having a (brief) nap while the rest played ;-)

The third positive thing was arriving home after it all, everyone happy from the fun day at the beach, and discovering places where I hadn't quite gotten enough suntan lotion on - I had patches of burnt-red skin over my torso and limbs, the worst spot being my right shoulder. Why am I considering this a good thing? Because it has been so long since we've just spent the day outside playing, it felt like an achievement! A very red, sore-looking award. That has had a bunch of Badger After-Sun Balm applied multiple time. But an achievement none-the-less :)

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