At the Women's March in Keene

Me, carrying Kian, who's holding his sign upside down, while I wear #awesomewife's hat.
The crowd starting to gather.
Kian holding the sign upside down.
Kian finally holding the sign the right way.
The crowd building at the downtown square.
Part of the crowd from another side. A larger portion were in the middle of the square, which you can't really see from this angle.
Aidan holding the sign he made (which lots of people took pics of).
Liam holding his sign (right hand) and Kian's sign (left hand). Thanks to Sara Lowe-Bouchard for the photo. No, that's not my wife in the background.


We dipped our toes into political activism today, joining the Women's March event being held in our hometown of Keene, NH. A friend of my wife's made her a hat, which I wore when we were walking back to the car. It was a good event, and it's helping our kids start to see beyond their privileged positions in life.

Please sign petition to block Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger


The two largest cable companies in the US, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, want to merge. Please take a look at the petition and sign it.

Here's what I submitted on the form:

As a long-time customer of TWC, the fact that they are being bought / merging with Comcast horrifies me. This will create one of the largest cable companies in the world, one of the largest internet providers in the country, and one of the largest controllers over access to content the world has seen. Couple this with with the recent net neutrality ruling, and the combined company will be in a position to strangle internet companies, hurting customers, hurting freedom of speech, hurting competitors, hurting innovation and hurting jobs. Please block this merger.

"I've got nothing to hide, I don't mind if the NSA snoop on me" [updated 2x]


Read this article if you still believe you've nothing to hide so you don't mind if the NSA and the US government snoop on you.

Update: The Suffolk County (NY) Police Department have released a statement saying that they investigated the people in the story because of a tip-off by a local company that an ex-employee had been googling for "pressure cooker bombs" and "backpacks" while at work, theoretically concerned the now ex-employee was going to go postal using the knowledge gained from searching online while at work. Because that's how crazy people do it. Allegedly.

Updated again: The family have responded to the police report, basically that the information they were given, and the wife's original story as referenced by the article above, is different to what the police are now saying.

Bi-partisan screwup


Just to mention it, the current banking collapse was caused by both sides of the government, both the Republicans and Democrats.

This is the act was brought in after the great depression of the 1930's which sought to limit the risk that people's investments & savings were gambled, by separating banking services into different markets. After greasing many palms with hundreds of millions of dollars from the banking industry, the act was gradually repealed over the course of twenty years. The final nail in the coffin was in 1999 by a bi-partisan vote of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. There have been other bits along the way, but those were the biggies.

As for partisanship, one of the authors of the GLBA, Phil Gramm, had been McCain's primary economic advisor until he official stepped down in July after he bitched about people whining about the economy's problems, though he still unofficially advises him.


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