Three positive things, day nine


A quick one because I'm late for bed.

First off, for my trip to NYC Camp tomorrow I was bumped from a standard sized car to an SUV. That'll make the 4+ hour drive (each way) a little more comfortable. And I never knew there could be so many different buttons for controlling the contours and position of the driver's seat ;-)

Secondly, picked up a surprise gift for a friend and her husband who married recently. Of course if they read this first it won't be much of a surprise ;-)

Thirdly, our 8yo cried for half an hour going to bed because he was going to miss me. He also had me pack one of his favorite toys to remember him by. I'll be back in two days, but it's still nice to know I'll be missed ;-) Our 11yo also gave me a small token to take, but he's seen me travel enough (once or twice per year) that he's comfortable with it.

And now - to sleep, perchance to dream. But they'd better be short dreams because I have to get up in 5 1/2 hours!

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