Three positive things, day seven


So, today was rather work-laden again, but

The first thing was... (drumroll).. kittens. Yes, again :p So we've had them for about a month but we've been keeping them in the main upstairs bathroom while they were getting a little older, and recovering from a bit of an eye infection they carried home with themselves. Over the past week we've been letting them out more and more, each time for an hour or two, gradually getting them used to the house and the big things that stomp around the place all day. And trying to get Kian used to them, specifically getting him to be gentle with them. Anyway, today we actually had them out since about six am until near bedtime, and it went fine! We had a few awkward Kian-vs-kitten and kitten-vs-fridge-door moments, but we're learning to always expect a kitten to be under our feet pretty much at all times. So they're pretty comfortable at this point and we're all adjusting rather well.

The second thing was the start of a movie called "From the Dark" that's set in County Offaly, which is closed to where I grew up and where several school friends lived. While the movie may end up being a pile of.. something.. it was fun seeing old familiar road signs, a car with the driver on the right side, etc.

The third and most positive, and amazing, thing today was that I saw my mum on TV :) There's an independent Irish "TV" station available online called "Irish TV" and they have weekly segments from different counties. Today's segment on County Westmeath was focused on

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