Three positive things, day six


(This should have been posted last night but I forgot. Doh.)

A work-laden day still had some good stuff.

The first positive thing was - you guessed it - kittens. They were let out for a few hours around lunchtime and again after dinner time. One thing that was particularly cool was watching them play on Kian's small indoor slide - perfectly, disgustingly cute :)

The second positive thing was taking the kids to the park after dinner. We had a pretty good time playing, and then the family we met last week showed up out of the blue so we got to hang out with them for a little bit.

The third positive thing was having our ~24,000 photos finish uploading to our iCloud account so that they can be properly sync'd with both of our laptops. After the recent discovery that I'd lost three years worth of photos, including the first two years of our eldest's life, I was determined to ensure the photos were accessible from more than one computer. And now they are.

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