Three positive things, day sixteen


Today was a bit humdrum and certainly didn't live up to yesterday's excitement.

One positive thing was pulling my hair out wondering why something wasn't working correctly on a project that I was working, only to talk to a coworker and realized that no, the changes I thought were missing just hadn't been added in yet. In lay person's terms, think of it like I had looked at a bunch of decorated cakes but forgot that the cake *I* was doing hadn't been decorated yet. Duh. So yay, I wasn't going crazy ;-)

Another positive thing was discovering that there's a play called "Outside Mullingar". FYI Mullingar was a nearby town when I was growing up and we visited it weekly, if not more often.

The third positive thing was discovering that the play is being performed in a town nearby this weekend. It has actually been running for the past week but we've only just found out about it.

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