Three positive things, day twenty four


(this is from Friday)

That was a fun day.

The first positive thing was that it was my extra day off as part of the 9/80 schedule we're doing at work, so that meant an extra family day. We spent the day at the Montshire museum, which is always fun. Then on the way home we found an ice cream stand which had a playground beside it - we didn't stay to let the kids play because they were exhausted and already falling asleep, and it was really hot out so we figured we'd save it for another day.

The second positive thing was receiving an unexpected email from someone about my work in the Drupal community. Not much to say about it, but it was cool to receive it.

The third positive thing was our eldest attending an event at the local library for teenage kids. It was organized by the library staff and they do various games 'n things with the kids in the library after it has been closed up for the night. They were going to be going from 6pm until midnight, but had a option for the kids to leave at 9 for anyone who needed to. They also had planned to have some authors speak with the group via Skype, but it seemed that was scheduled for the second half of the night, after we'd picked him up. The most exciting aspect of this was that a few days ago, while they were finishing up from a class at the library he asked if he'd be able to go to the event because a girl from the class was wondering if he'd be going - our baby's all gown up! He ended up having a great time.

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