Three positive things, day thirty three


(posting a few days late)

That was a fun Sunday. A funday Sunday. A Sunday funday.

The first positive thing was my awesomewife having some painkillers when I decided to throw out my back & neck while making sandwiches for a picnic. It seems my body was repulsed at the thought of eating a sandwich at a park and decided to make its opinion known by causing me pain and making me unable to move much. Thankfully a combination of heavy duty muscle cream, pain killers and a muscle relaxant had resolved the problem by the next day.

The second positive thing was discovering a pretty nice park in Western Massachusetts. It's close to some stores we go to occasionally, so times we go shopping there we now have a park to take the kids to so they can burn off some energy.

The third positive thing was visiting some old friends whom we hadn't seen in a few months. We've both had some changes in our lives since we last saw each other, so it was nice to catch up. It was particularly interesting to hear stories of being an extra in the forthcoming third Ghostbusters movie, so I can't wait to see it to see if we can spot her :)

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