Three positive things, day twenty five


So today was Saturday - my #awesomewife took our kids to some museums in Western Massachusetts while I worked on some things.

The first positive thing was getting huge smiles from Kian when he woke up. Some mornings he's fussy when he wakens up, but this morning he was all smiles.

The second positive thing was finally remember / getting the time to submit sessions to two upcoming web development conferences - NERDSummit in September and NEDCamp in October. I plan on doing the same presentation at both camps, all about open source and based upon my keynote speech from last year's NERDSummit. Should be fun!

The third positive thing was dipping my toes into Drupal 7's defacto e-commerce system "Drupal Commerce" a little more and releasing a small module to solve a specific use case. The goal was to provide a complete product list on the checkout form, so that visitors could fill in what they want and checkout at the same time, rather than having to do it in multiple steps. I'll probably have to do a little more work on it, but it's a reasonably solid start.

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