Three positive things, day twenty six


That was a pretty good Sunday :)

The first positive thing was a trip to a playground that my wife found online. It was at a school in a town called New Boston and it was surprisingly well taken care of, and fun :) One problem we have with many of the schools in the Keene area is that they don't take care of their playgrounds, so it was nice to see one that was in good shape.

The second positive thing was seeing an absolutely huge Lego replica of the old Manchester Millyard at the See Science Center. I've seen some large creations built in Lego before, but this was the first time seeing something at such scale. It took its creators several years to build and is pretty amazing, if you're into that sort of thing.

The third thing was simply having a pleasant, relaxing day with my #awesomewife and wonderful children :)

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