So. I'm in Florida.


We found out yesterday afternoon that someone was living in our house in Sanford. We were planning to move back into it in two weeks, so this was news to us. After not being able to get ahold of the property manager who had been looking after our house for the past few years I called the local sheriff who sent out a deputy to investigate.

Some asshole somehow broke into our house and then "rented" it to a woman who was just days out of the hospital with a newborn baby. I say "somehow" because there were keys available but they were in a lockbox on one of the doors, so he either broke the lockbox or somehow found the code.

What makes things even more interesting is that he said his name was "Damien McKenna". It's some "white guy with glasses in his 50's" who gave an address in St Cloud, so obviously this prized example of Modern Man had done at least some research. The lease the lady signed just had his name, and another guy's name, but no business info - he said he was the owner.

So I'm in town to file a.. something.. at the sheriff's office and talk with the biggest victim in this whole ordeal - the lady who gave all her savings as a security deposit to rent my house.


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