IBM screws geeks who buy their datamining book

IBM, holder of the world's largest quantity of patents, has just published a book on datamining. Good stuff, or so you'd think. Except that anyone who reads the book opens themselves up to patent violation because the book covers technologies that IBM has patented along with sample source-code on how to implement the concepts. Uh, sorry, but that's just evil.


Happy Birthday Lego!

Lego was 50 years old yesterday. I was a huge Lego fan as a child, my parents would get me a new set for my birthday every year, and over the years it built up into a huge collection of pieces. We've passed this love of Lego on to our two children, who both have great fun playing with their duplo, especially our eldest who makes some awesome spaceships and airplanes (and robots, and dinosaurs...).



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