February 2007

Site updated to Wordpress 2.1

I've just updated the site to Wordpress 2.1. This new version has a few improvements from the site management viewpoint, a key useful feature is an option to set any static page you've created as the homepage rather than automatically showing the blog. Also, the content editor has a few improvements, a good one being an auto-save option that stops you from loosing your articles if your browser crashes (or you hit the wrong keyboard shortcut, argh), along with an improved text editor. All round good stuff.


AdiumX 1.0 & Yahoo problem

There's a small problem with the just-release AdiumX v1.0 and Yahoo Instant Messenger (Y!IM) accounts if you were using any of the beta releases. For whatever reason, something changed in the Y!IM configuration and the only way to get your connection to work is to remove it then add the login back in again. Go figure. Still, a minor quibble when the rest of the program works so well.


Labtec wireless keyboard+mouse for free (review)

Here's a great deal I just came across tonight. Last night I dropped a full cup of hot Barry's tea on my keyboard so, rather than sticking it in the washing machine and hoping for the best, I went shopping for a new keyboard. As it turns out, most of the keyboards on the market fail two very simple requirements:

  • The six key insert/delete/page-up/down block should be three keys across and two down.
  • The function keys should have a default action to work as a function key.

For some reason both Logitech and Microsoft got it in their thick skulls a few years ago that everyone would rather have a cramped six-key block and wanted to press a special key before the function keys worked as advertised, so for the last few years it has been very difficult to find anything else.