September 2013

On contributing to Drupal 8 [updated]

Recently Drupal 8's development reached two milestones that have created lots of discussion – contrib project maintainers are now being asked to start porting their modules, and two well known core contributors (Dave Reid, Nate "quicksketch" Haug) have asked to be at least partially removed from the list of core maintainers. As a long time contributor, I'd like to share my opinion on these.


Hilarious joke reel for 70-90's kids show "Rainbow" (NSFW!)

Anyone who grew up in Britain (or Ireland and had access to British TV shows) during the 70, 80's or early 90's will probably recognize the TV show Rainbow. A completely harmless show aimed at really young children, their antics were probably as famous on the British Isles as Sesame Street was in the US.

Patrick Stewart demonstrates the quadruple take

The brilliant Patrick Stewart demonstrates (to his now wife) how to do a quadruple take, after first showing how to do the single, double and triple take. Obviously not the most hilarious video ever, but it's neat to see someone of his stature doing a quiet & intimate little video for someone he's clearly comfortable enough with to let his hair down.