December 2013

Bad pot

(Bad pun)
We bought this cast iron pot / Dutch oven a few days ago. Since then we've used it twice where we fill it with water and leave it on our wood stove so it puts some moisture into the air. Think of it as a multi-purpose humidifier. Anyway, after one use it started rusting a bit, after two uses the entire bottom of the pot looks destroyed. Is this normal?


My cake from Carlo's Bakery was identified as being male, due to the dangling appendages on one side. Between that and my nose being smacked by Kian, it was quite a day ;-)

US Air Force flashmob band plays at Smithsonian museum, and we were there!

A few weeks ago we happened to visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and had a great ol' time. During the afternoon, while we were in one of the exhibits, I heard some music playing and thought they were starting to play some festive music because it was coming up to the holidays. Soon afterwards the music stopped and people could be seen walking around carrying musical instruments. I forget what I was doing at the time, or where I was going, but evidently I was distracted as I quickly completely forgot about seeing the musicians.