Hot to fix a suicidal Cisco VPN client on OSX


After starting to use the Cisco VPN client to do remote work on my McBook, I noticed that it would give an oh-so-useful "Error 51: Unable to communicate with the VPN subsystem" error fairly often, like this:


As it turns out the Cisco kernel extension is a bit flaky and craps out, so you have to restart it. Thankfully Anders Brownworth at worked out how to fix this inane Error 51 thing. Thanks Anders!


LOL. Sorry for your

LOL. Sorry for your troubles. Yet another reason to find out how to use the standard OSX VPN stuff.. Maybe tomorrow.

Ha, now I'm getting it at

Ha, now I'm getting it at Stardust. Shouldn't have opened my big mouth this morning... thanks for putting this up though... I at least knew where to look for an answer.

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