Wondershare iCollage for Mac is VERY buggy, company not very helpful


Ever since moving to using a Mac as my primary computer I've wanted a simple app for building photo collages, cards, etc - something more than what iPhoto itself provides. After looking around the only one I could find that was reasonable was iCollage from the company Wondershare.

I happened to find it on sale via MacZot so tried the demo only to start running into problems.  I submitted some bug reports via their official support site and, after a long wait received a response saying that because it was the weekend their support staff would respond on the Monday.  Due to the deal running over a weekend I figured I'd risk it and bought the app.

The following Monday came and I started into a discussions with their support staff that went on for two weeks.  The delay in getting to the bottom of the issues left it too late to use iCollage for the project in mind I had so I left it alone.

This past weekend I decided to do a small collage for my mother's birthday and pulled up iCollage.  I manually resolved one of the bugs seen I'd seen before and started working on my project.  Well, let me tell you, I've never dealt with such a buggy, unstable piece of software before, it's surprising they released it for sale in its current state, there doesn't seem to be any way to work with it for more than a few minutes without it crashing!

So after submitting more bug reports and opening up another can of worms I figured I should start to publicly document some of the problems to warn off other potential customers.

Just to clarify: if Wondershare release a version of iCollage that is a) stable, b) resolves some of these issues, I will be more than happy to update these blog posts to note this fact; until then, I will continue to publicly document the bugs I find.

iCollage bugs:

  • Images thumbnail pane size is incorrect, hides images.
  • Does not recognize iPhoto library if files moved.
  • Templates list is incorrect out of the box.
  • Support system does not display the body of the original message, either that or they remove the text.
  • Emails from their support system can include URLs back to the tickets that are invalid.

More soon..


I'm sad to confirm that all

I'm sad to confirm that all of the above is STILL true about this program. Unfortunately I did not find this blog until AFTER i purchased iCollage....I've now been emailing with them for the past two weeks trying to get my money back for a program that does not work more then a few minutes without crashing. DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM!!!

I am disappointed in iCollage

I am disappointed in iCollage too. I had high hopes for the program and it failed to deliver to my expectations. I was wanting a neat scrapbook of my family so I researched some angie's list family portrait reviews, found a photographer, got our photos, and when I used iCollage to make my own collages I was let down. I'll keep looking for other software and if I find something of quality I'll let you all know. Take care.

I am a windows lover but last

I am a windows lover but last year, i started using Mac because I wanna experienced a new operating system. I love making photo collages and when I saw my Millionaire Mind Book Co-editor using wondershare, I also tried its demo version. The first thing I noticed was the templates list is incorrect out of the box. So frustrating!

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