Using myBlogEdit with Drupal


In my efforts to test all OSX blog tools to see how well they work with Drupal, I've come across a new tool via MacZot called myBlogEdit. This is a relatively simple tool that is unfortunately missing a good amount of standard functionality:

  • There is no WYSIWYG editor.
  • It doesn't give you a list of the "blogs" available through the API, you have to manually type it. For Drupal this means typing the content type name.
  • When you download existing articles it doesn't correctly identify that the articles have been published or load their tags.
  • It doesn't load the existing tags in the system, instead it presents you with a basic text box to enter them.


  • When you go to publish your article, it presents you with a drop down list to select a category. There's a button beside the selector to presumably obtain a list of the categories from the blog, but clicking this makes the app crash.
  • None of the supported APIs are compatible with Drupal for actually publishing articles, every single one fails.
  • The logging system doesn't record the message sent to the API, only what the response was, so debugging it will be impossible.

So, if you're looking for a weblog editing tool for a Drupal site this is one to skip, simply because it won't work!

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