Drupal books on my reading list

Over the past year I've managed to build up a good collection of Drupal books, but haven't had time to read many of them yet:

  • Cracking Drupal - read a chapter or two, need to read it in detail and take copious notes, this is very important book that all developers should read.
  • Drupal Performance Tips - arrives tomorrow (!), will be putting this along with Cracking Drupal at the top of my must-read-NAAAAOOOW!! list.
  • Pro Drupal Development (Drupal 6 edition) - started reading it in November 2008, got about 1/3rd of the way through, need to start over and take proper notes this time.
  • Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization - looked at a chapter or two, seems to be good info though lots of basics, need to finish reading it.
  • Drupal 6 Content Administration - aimed at the end-user rather than the developer, need to finish skimming through it.
  • Using Drupal - read a few chapters, need to finish reading it, had a few ideas that were new to me.
  • Drupal Multimedia - skimmed through the entire book, lots of basic information on site building, only a little detail I wasn't already aware of.


Perhaps if you weren't on

Perhaps if you weren't on Twitter constantly and planning DrupalCamps you'd have more free time.
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I am a developer and had

I am a developer and had never used drupal ever since I started developing sites. But now that I am required to use drupal by my employer Peak Potential, I need to read books about it from installation to development. Thanks for these resources.

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