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FYI, in the interest of eating my own dogfood, I've updated this site to use the Drupal fork Pressflow. I'm going to see what can be done to improve this site's performance and will document what I find.


FYI, Pressflow is a Drupal

FYI, Pressflow is a Drupal distribution and not a fork.

@anonymous I disagree. A

@anonymous I disagree. A distribution is Drupal core plus other stuff. A fork is the core library with modifications. Pressflow is the latter. It might even be better described as a patch-set: there is no intent to head off in a completely different direction from Drupal, rather PF is always the latest Drupal plus a few tweaks. In the same way that something like Percona Server is a patch-set of MySQL with tweaks.

Thanks Damien, I'll follow

Thanks Damien, I'll follow with interest. Where will you be posting your findings? This blog post or a new one?

I'd imagine there isn't a lot you could do with pressflow on shared hosting, unless you can get varnish running. Dreamhost has reaper processes which would probably mess with memcache if you could get it installed. I think the simplest way of optimizing on Dreamhost would simply be to use Boost but I'm definitely interested to see what you come up with.

Dreamhost offers a VPS

Dreamhost offers a VPS service that I'm using to host several sites. AFAICT there are no reaper processes on my VPS.

Are you running on a Dreamhost VPS? Or their shared hosting?

Basically I'm very interested to learn more about your results.

I think it's arguable either

I think it's arguable either way. I consider it a distribution in the GNU/Linux sense more than the standard Drupal sense. Ubuntu, for example, pulls the Linux kernel, the GNU tools, and a bunch of other packages together, but it also patches many of those packages in the process, generally from later upstream development and releases.

"Fork" has also traditionally indicated the intention of continued, perpetual divergence. GitHub has changed this meaning a bit by calling branch creation "forking" even if it's just to develop a feature for later integration into the mainline.

Tanc, My own site is running


My own site is running with Dreamhost shared hosting and Boost. It's basically a good old fashioned homepage about the things that I do, but with Drupal underneath. There's loads of galleries, maps, tags, custom pages, cc-licensing, and other stuff. Boost is a great way to run a site aimed at anonymous visitors.

FYI I'm on a Dreamhost shared

FYI I'm on a Dreamhost shared account, not a VPS. Main main hopes are to a) use it for testing, b) a playground for some patches. I don't have any interest in getting a VPS for my own personal site, but I do help manage some at work and am using Pressflow there.

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