12 Floridian counties go back to stone age


Twelve counties in Florida, covering probably hundreds of schools, have decreed that they will no longer allow the theory of evolution to be taught in their schools. Idiots. Yet another example of why our children will never step foot in a public school here, or probably any other outside of college level. So just because a few people are too stupid to recognize patterns in biological taxonomy, hundreds of thousands of children will be denied access to current theories. Sheer idiocy.


[...] Yet more research into

[...] Yet more research into biological evolution confirms Darwin’s theory that evolution is not a random act, that over multiple generations traits that are advantageous to the species get carried on, a process called “deterministic inheritance.” Good to see some research given the limelight in the face of so much stupidity going on today. [...]

[...] they cover,

[...] they cover, ArsTechnica, has chimed in on the hijinx in Florida’s schools over evolution (as mentioned here previously), specifically their lack of evolution from creatures incapable of abstract thought ;-) The Ars [...]

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