Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay


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Originally posted on Rockabye Baby!'s website as a review.

While the Rockabye collection is very good, not many artists produce music that is as well suited to lullaby renditions as Coldplay, particularly the "Parachutes" and "A Rush of Blood to the Head" albums which this is based around. As a Coldplay fan I can sit and listen to this album alongside any of the band's regular albums, it fits marvelously.

That said, the proof has been in how much our youngest has simply adored this particular album - we've used it for *several* *years* as nighttime music for him, ever since he was a very young infant, and he has been completely transfixed by it and he quietly, peacefully and happily drifts off to sleep quite quickly. I can't count the number of car rides our sanity has been saved as the over-tired, unhappy and doesntwanttobeinhiscarseatanymoreNOWMOMMY toddler relaxed almost instantly upon hearing "In My Place" starting.

This album has a special place in our hearts for both its brilliance and how well it has helped our lives, we'll always be grateful to you for producing it. Thank you.



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