Requiem for a Dream

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If you get a chance I thoroughly recommend the movie Requiem for a Dream, which you can watch online for free. It's an Oscar-nominated story of four people who become too heavily involved with and ultimately pay dearly for their growing addictions. All four main parts are played extraordinarily well, you are easily sucked into their stories, and it becomes more upsetting to see them loose control over their lives and loose sight of their dreams through their addictions, wishing that they'd see that making this one decision they'd start to recover.. At two hours long there are several disturbing parts, especially towards the climax , but it is worth sticking through to the end.



One of the best movies ever

One of the best movies ever made, in my honest opinion. Especially the unrated edition, that has some even crazier scenes not imaginable by mere mortals. muhahaha... >)

Which part is uncut - where

Which part is uncut - where she goes to ask the guy for money, the end part on the table or something else? I'm not sure which version is on hulu but it was pretty darn graphic.

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