Diablo 3? OMFD!


Oh my! As a long time fan of the Diablo series of computer role playing games from Blizzard, I'm both shocked and overjoyed to discover that after years of rumor they're working on Diablo 3!! So far a cinematic trailer and some limited gameplay footage (1, 2, 3) have been made available. Lastly, check out the official Diablo 3 site for updates.


But is it going online as a

But is it going online as a MMPORPG, or will it stay true to the single player experience?

Played them both, love them both, and would love a new installation in the series.

It seems it's going to have

It seems it's going to have both - standalone single-player and BattleNet multi-player. My concern is whether they'll still retain the non-BattleNet multi-player as we just play on our LAN.

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