I'm a tech hog


Today at work the network started behaving very oddly. We didn't have any network management (SNMP) tools on hand so I figured I'd boot up the Linux boot disc I had to use its tools, except that it doesn't have any as standard.

At that point I decided that it would be worth while installing it straight onto a spare machine (one of the old machines we're replacing, a tiny HP e-PC) and download the tools I'd need afterwards. Well, as part of doing that I also needed to set up some extra power outlets on my cube so with the help of my manager I've now wired it up so I have eighteen outlets under my desk. A little nuts, but some of them are positioned close enough for my manager to use on the cube next to me.

So connected to them I have my desktop PC with two 15" LCD screens, the older e-PC machine with another LCD, and a PowerMac G4 which I'll swap with the e-PC's screen when I need to use it. I also took the time to add another over-head cupboard to hold my books, and it had the side effect that my picture of Aidan (and wrapper from some Cadbury's chocolate) now stands out more.

I guess I'm just a tech hog.

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