New power supply is great!


After last night's fun we picked up a new power supply for our computer. Its a beefy 500Watt thing by the company Antec and had some discounts this week at CompUSA to make it easier to swallow. Anyway, twenty minutes of fiddling later and I've got everything where it should be - the video card is working again and the DLT drive isn't making the system freak out. The DLT drive is actually recognized now, which it wasn't last night for the five minutes before the video card decided to take its ball and go home, and I've been able to erase a tape as a test. Next off is a complete backup - the drive will store up to 35gig of data uncompressed and can go to about 70gig if the files are compressible. I'll let you know how it goes, but so far I'm pretty darn happy - we can finally do proper backups!!

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