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John, No, the idea is that


No, the idea is that they have to look through all of the logfiles to check for access to infringing content, so when they look to see what people are loading they're continually getting RickRolled. Well, I can hope.

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so... we should all rickroll

so... we should all rickroll ourselves? if anything, this would show viacom how silly we all are. "we hate you, so we're going to torture ourselves."

is this what passes for a hunger strike in the internet age?

besides... the rickroll video technically IS a music video, which means one of the music companies "owns" it... if anything that would only serve to support the point they claim to be planning to make in court against google, that people use youtube more to find copyrighted video than they do to find non-copyrighted video...

although it cold also be argued that almost every video on youtube is copyrighted to begin with, since if i upload a video of something simple (like me saying hello to the camera), technically i hold a copyright on that video, unless i explicitly release it into the public domain. how many videos on youtube are explicitly PD?

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