Secure file transfers on Windows


For the two geeks who read this, here are some tools for doing secure file transfers to/from Windows, most of them free.


  • freeSSHd is really easy to install and use, and uses the built in Windows user accounts so you don't have another set of passwords to manage. Well worth trying.
  • copSSH is a bundling of the cygwin ssh daemon in a more user friendly package.


  • WinSCP is the defacto SFTP/SCP tool for Windows. Its easy to use and free, what more do you want?
  • Directory Opus, the amazingly powerful file manager, has an Advanced FTP plugin available, which costs about $8 per computer. If you use Directory Opus you should use this.

I came across these while looking for a way to secure our file transfers at work. After fiddling with multiple server programs I realized that the freeSSHd program was going to serve our needs much better than many commercial server programs, including Serv-U and Gene6 FTP Server! Also, WinSCP is a much better choice than CuteFTP Pro if you don't need its advanced features and just want a simple file transfer program.

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