Need to post Powerpoint files online? Use FlashPaper!


At work someone needed to be able to post Powerpoint files online that:

  • had fancy fonts embedded,
  • created a read-only file (as best we could)
  • didn't require any additional software for people to view it.

What did we choose? FlashPaper from Adobe! Poi-fect! In addition to being able to save a Flash (SWF) file it can also save out PDFs and works great. Lastly, just like Adobe Acrobat it installs a printer in the system that you can print to from any software you have installed and save the file to either SWF or PDF. Well worth the money.


Really? Sounds like a fun

Really? Sounds like a fun solution, but is it expensive?

Print to SWF is nice, and print to PDF is cool if you're not on Linux/Mac.

If they could do it for... say less than $30 a seat, I see that as a decent investment if you have to share lots of presentations and flip-bookie things.

It costs $79, but it comes

It costs $79, but it comes free with the old Macromedia Studio 8 which is how my co-worker had it installed.

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