Zune can't squirt no more


One of Microsoft's most touted features for their latest "iPod killer", the Zune, was to be able to let someone else borrow your song for three day, through a process nicknamed "squirting", before it would automatically expire. Well, it seems that two of the largest record companies in the world, Sony and Universal Music, didn't like that idea and through the options they set on songs you buy from Microsoft's Zune music store are denying you the right to do this with their music, upwards of 40-50% by some counts. The best part is that there's no promotion of this little factoid, the only way to find out if the music you paid for the right to squirt is to try it and see if it works! Ooppsie! I guess it goes back to Steve Jobs' idea of just letting the person you wish to hear the song to just listen to one of the earpieces on your iPod. Duh!

iPhone spam, after less than 24 hours?


You can tell the world is a-buzz about something when you start receiving spam about it less than 24 hours after its unveiling. That's right, at 4am this morning I received an email telling me that my iPhone was ready to ship. While I have to 100% agree that I'd utterly love one, a) they're not going to ship until June, and b) nobody's going to send me an email out of the blue saying that they're shipping me one - I just ain't that lucky. That said, if anyone did want to send me one, how about one for my wife too? ;-)

SVN+SSH problems on Mac OSX


I was trying to get SVN set up as a daemon on my OSX 10.4 (Tiger) machine when I started running into this error upon connection:

bash: line 1: svnserve: command not found
svn: Connection closed unexpectedly

Some searching later I really couldn't find anything that might have been causing the problem, other than the obvious notion that the path was not working correctly. A little fiddling later I discovered the problem - the ssh daemon was by default configured to not load any user environment files (which are used to set the command path, etc). To fix the problem I had to first enable the option PermitUserEnvironment and then restart the service:

sudo nano /etc/sshd_config

Search (control-w) for the string "PermitUser" then uncomment the line (remove the # sign) and change the the "no" to "yes". Then all I had to do was restart the ssh daemon and it was good to go:

sudo SystemStarter -v restart SSH

Et voila!

Entourage won't start? Try option-start


Today at work Entourage 2004 decided it had enough of life and didn't want to start. Not having had this happen before I did a quick Google to discover that if you hold down the option key while double-clicking it (or single-clicking the dock icon) to start it will pop up a database repair utility which will hopefully be able to fix any problems. Cool!


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