TIP: Fixed positioning in IE 6


A little tip if you're trying to get fixed positioning to work in IE6. One problem with IE6 and older is that they ignore the perfectly valid position:fixed; style, which is often used along with either top:0px; or bottom:0px; to have a static header or footer respectively. Luckily someone else has spent a vast quantity of time fiddling with Javascript to get this to work, so you and I don't have to. Enjoy.

Easy round corners in CSS


There have been many attempts to create boxes with round corners over the years, some using tables, some using Javascript, others with images. This is the first, and possibly only, that uses only CSS and HTML to do so, and it seems to work rather well. While not as awe-inspiringly flexible as some options, its simplicity and code-length (or lack there of) make it stand out.


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