A treat after a long week (from Friday)


After a long week I was stuck at Panera having taken our eldest to a kung-fu class and figured I'd get myself a small treat. Next time I'll skip the cookie as it didn't taste particularly good, might get a pumpkin muffin top instead :)

Italian wedding cookies for a cause


Last night my wife made about 250 Italian wedding cookies as part of preparations for a bake sale fundraiser for a friend of the family who was severely injured this past New Year's in an accident on his farm. The jury's verdict is in and they're up to the standard of her previous batch. Later this week she is also going to do several batches of miscellaneous cookies, plus half a dozen batches of rice crispy treats, so hopefully they'll help raise lots for our friend & his family in their time of need.



My cake from Carlo's Bakery was identified as being male, due to the dangling appendages on one side. Between that and my nose being smacked by Kian, it was quite a day ;-)


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