Hilarious joke reel for 70-90's kids show "Rainbow" (NSFW!)


Anyone who grew up in Britain (or Ireland and had access to British TV shows) during the 70, 80's or early 90's will probably recognize the TV show Rainbow. A completely harmless show aimed at really young children, their antics were probably as famous on the British Isles as Sesame Street was in the US.

In 1997 I happened to be flipping channels late one night when I came across a show called TV Offal and they were showing a set of previously unaired "pilot" episodes of TV shows. One of them happened to be a rather risqué joke episode of Rainbow (not actually a pilot, but who's quibbling) that started with two of the puppets describing peeling a banana .. and it continued from there.

This was, and still is, one of the funniest things I've ever seen, so I wanted to make sure I shared it :-)


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