Trick or treat!!

Trick or treat!!

Amazing PR thanks to Ryan Price

After today I owe Ryan Price a huge debt of honor, and at least one beverage of his choice. Mr Price, a well known figure in the Orlando, FL internet-savvy community, just promoted my search for employment on his community site's blog with many complimentary things to say. He also highlighted how through a limited amount of networking over the past year I've managed to gain a great deal number leads very quickly, which has just been an amazing experience - thanks to the feedback my family will be just fine. A sincere thanks to you, Ryan, you're an honorable and compassionate person!

Excellent virus checker information


If you are trying to decide what virus checker to run on your home or work PCs, you really ought to take a look at this Greek site focused completely on reviewing and comparing the latest software.

Particularly worth mentioning is their December 2005 comparative tests which in there are some surprising results, particularly when some popular and well known scanners don't even reach 50% on their scores! Good stuff!


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