Fusebox 4 is awesome!


I've been reading a book on the web development code framework Fusebox 4 and it is finally clicking.

Fusebox is a code framework that helps you break your projects into small components, allowing you to work on each piece of the puzzle at a time. You break down the project, define what each portion needs to do then have a definite roadmap on how to do so. Beyond that it just has a few guidelines on how to keep each component separate but doesn't force you to work a specific way - you can write it all procedurally, use MFC, or do it all in ColdFusion Components (for people using ColdFusion).

There are a few really great aspects to it, beyond simply breaking up a puzzle into separate pieces. For a start knowing how to work with it means that you'll be able to jump into maintaining an existing project a lot easier than without it. It is also a fairly standard framework and is used a great deal in web development work. Though originally designed for ColdFusion the latest version (4.1) is also available for PHP, the other web language I use; this lets you use the same solid framework with multiple languages, making your work decidedly easier when you need to.

One of the things I really like about Fusebox is that at my last job I wrote a framework myself that was extremely similar. My framework was probably 60% the same, with enough time it probably would have gotten closer to 80% or more. As a result of this once I got over the initial learning curve working with it has come naturally to me given that it works the way I feel these kinds of things should do.

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