Contrib plans for end of April & May 2014


I thought it'd be worthwhile to keep people abreast of my current contrib plans, given I've got the keys to several important modules.

Right now I'm prepping for releases for the Field API Pane Editor (FAPE) module (v7.x-1.2) and its sibling the Field API Tab Editor module (v7.x-1.0). In the process I've gone through and have lined up most of the open issues for both. Concurrently, I've been making headway on fixing some outstanding issues for the Fieldable Panels Panes (FPP) module that will IMHO help make it one of the best multi-purpose entity modules available; I'll probably release v7.x-1.6-beta1 this week too. Additionally, I'll probably release Panelizer v7.x-3.2-beta1, just to give a reasonable testing point while 3.2 is finished off.

After that, thanks to some input from Digby Christmas, I'm going to do a little work to release 7.x-1.0 for Panels Everywhere (PE) - there isn't too much to do on it, so hopefully it'll be a quick turn-around.

Once all of those are out of the way, I'm going to flip back to Metatag and work towards a new release for it, hopefully v7.x-1.0-rc1.

If you'd like to see the releases of these sooner, reviewing patches in the module's respective issue queues is the single best way of helping, besides writing more patches ;)

So, in summary, this is my plan for the next few weeks:

Thank you for your patience.

Update: Thanks to Kristen Pol for pointing out I originally said "2013" rather than "2014". Doh!

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