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Grouping Simple Sitemap by content type

The XML sitemap standard has been around for almost 20 years and serves as a great way of keeping Google and other search engines up to date on what content is changing on a website. Thanks to the world of open source, sites which use Drupal have tools to automatically generate the files based upon the site's content, e.g. Simple Sitemap, instead of having to manually create them.


Status update on my Drupal contribution efforts

Thought I'd give a quick update on my personal contribution efforts, given I'm involved in so many different projects.

Metatag for Drupal 7

The Drupal 7 version of Metatag is pretty darned solid at this point. Some tests were added recently that will make sure the output works correctly for all tests, so the next release might be the last for a while. Speaking of which, I'm planning to do a bug fix release on December 31st.


Rough plan for planning to port a site to Drupal 8

I have a small freelance client whose site I've offered to port to D8 pro-bono as a learning exercise for myself and a friend who's learning Drupal. It'll take a number of months to do, even though architecturally it's a small site, but that's fine. My very first step was to create an initial plan on what steps we'd need to do to to plan the site build. Seeing as this list ended up being completely generic, I figured I'd share it.



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